Kayak Paddle Sizing Guide: What Size Kayak Paddle Do I Need?    

The beginners who don’t know what Kayak size is best for them should go with a 230 cm kayak paddle for average-height people who love to paddle with a low angle.But,  If you are a pro paddler then just go with a 220 cm or 210 cm Kayak paddle with stiffer blades.

With that being mentioned, always remember, no matter what brand or model of kayak you are buying, if the size is small then your hands will be hitting on the sides of the Kayak. If it is too long then it will add more strain to your shoulders, which could be exhausting. 

Having said that, Let me  give the details of the suitable size and length of kayak paddle so you can choose the best one for yourself.

How to Choose Kayak Paddles?

1. Paddle Length

Figuring out the right size of the paddle is a straightforward task, but here the Kayak Paddle sizing depends on two factors, the height of the paddler and the weight of the boat. 

If you are having a short height then the length of the kayak paddle should be short and vice versa. Moreover, if the width of the Kayak is large the paddle length will also be large to adjust the reach. Well, we have also given a table below just a Kayak Paddle Length calculator, which will help in making a perfect selection. 

What Size Kayak Paddle Do I Need

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2. Materials

Kayak Blades are made up of different materials and every material has its own impact on the performance. A lightweight will be the preference but at the same time, durability comes to mind. Let us know more about it. 

What Size Kayak Paddle Do I Need

Nylon Blades

The Nylon Blades are inexpensive and for paddlers who love to have more flexibility. Although, it may get cracks if left in the sun, which we never want to get happened to us. 

Fiberglass Blades

Fiberglass Blades are a bit expensive but a better option than Nylon Blades. It is a rigid material, which ensures flexibility and durability. They are also lighter than plastic, which makes them efficient in the water. 

Carbon-Fibre Blades

If you are looking for a premium material then the no more look than Carbon. It is ultra-lightweight and perfect for every situation, you don’t need to put extra effort into every stroke. 

3. Blade Design

Different types of blade designs make the choice a bit confusing for you.

Asymmetrical Blades are the most common design of blades, which are narrow and shorter. It angles to uniform the surface area and experiences smooth performance in the water. 

Dihedral Blades are slightly angled down to every edge of the blade. This angle increases the power plane of the paddle and makes water flow over the surface easily. 

Narrower Blades are very light and a perfect one to stretch out fully. It is a great option when you ride out for the whole day.

Wider Blades are very powerful, which helps in accelerating quickly. Paddlers go with this one, especially for speed and sustainability.  

4. Shaft Design

You need to finalize the given shaft designs below-

What Size Kayak Paddle Do I Need

Straight or bent Shaft

Straight Shafts are very common and if you are looking for more comfort and power strokes the ln bent Shaft should be the preference. The curve shaft allows better grip and reduces fatigue over the joints. 

Two-piece or four-piece

Both of them are designed to break down for easy storage. So, if you are going for travel then opt for a four-piece for more convenience. 

Matched or Feathered

The Matched Blades are aligned with each other while the Feathered Blades are not on the same plane. They are offset at an angle to each other to reduce wind resistance in the water.

Frequently asked questions

Q1- Does kayak paddle weight matter?

Ans. Yes, the weight of the Kayak Paddle matters because you need to lift the spare paddle on deck. It will be very tough to lift such weight on your back and we will love to lift light Kayak Paddles. 

Q2- What is the best weight for a kayak paddle?

Ans. In general, the weight of a Kayak rises between 1.5 to 4 pounds, and lifting more than 2 pounds will be a difficult task. 

Q3- What size kayak is best for beginners?

Ans. The size of the Kayak should be around 200 – 210cm for beginners so that they can ride with comfort. 

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