What Crystals Can Go In Water?

The crystals such as Agate, Aventurine, Obsidian, Amethyst, and many more can easily go into the water. These crystals have a lot of value whether we talk about their uniqueness or spirituality. 

Yes, many people wear these crystals as jewelry to show it and these crystals can bring positive energy inside your body. Inner peace is what everyone is looking for and these crystals are aesthetically believed to have spiritual powers. 

Apart from these things, people should know which crystals can go into the water and which cannot. In general, crystals don’t require any maintenance but you should be very cautious while wearing them. 

You may wonder if I tell you that all crystals cannot get dipped into the water. You need to do special care of it to make their healing process productive. That’s why we are here to tell you about the crystals that can go into the water, just stay with us. 

List of water-safe crystals

Here is the list of water-safe crystals that can be cleansed without any hassles. But here we have to differentiate all the crystals whether they can be kept in mineral or salty water. 

In mineral water

1. Diamond

What Crystals Can Go In Water?

Diamond has the highest Mohs hardness level as compared to all other crystal types. It is the most demanding and precious gemstone that many people want to wear. 

This gemstone will be very helpful to get rid of negative energies and get rid of pain and fear. Diamonds have natural properties that will enhance the metabolism and improve body sensory functions for the best results. It can be cleansed easily in water without any hassles. 

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2. Emerald

What Crystals Can Go In Water?

Emerald Gemstone shows the presence of chromium and vanadium, which are the properties of enhanced love relationships. This gemstone ranges in color from light to dark green with an opaque look.

It is a hard stone type that ensures its durability and has a Mohs Hardness level of 7.5-8. It can easily go into the water. This gemstone works very well for heart chakra that works for emotions and relationships. 

It may also aid in removing all the negative energies residing and can give you a pleasant atmosphere around you. As it enhances the ability to receive and give the experience of love. 

3. Unakite

What Crystals Can Go In Water?

Unakite has some phenomenal abilities that can help to relieve anxiety and stress. It also helps to balance the heart chakras and the third-eye chakra to enhance the focus on spirituality. 

Well, these gemstones have a rating of 6 – 7 Mohs Hardness Scale, so there is nothing to worry about in cleansing them. But still, it is a bit more sensitive than other crystals, so make sure that you are not using different chemicals to wash it, or else it will start getting damaged. 

4. Ruby

What Crystals Can Go In Water?

Ruby is one of the most beautiful crystals available in the market. Its glowing redness enhances the beauty of the crystals and provides a perfect look as jewelry in anyone’s hand.

This gemstone has a rating of 9 Mohs Hardness Scale, which means that it can be cleansed in water, heat, or normal chemicals. It ensures high durability and comes with the benefits of medicinal properties. 

It has the natural properties of adding respiratory and heart benefits. As it comes with the properties of adding positive energy to the body. 

5. Sapphire

What Crystals Can Go In Water?

Sapphire is also a hard gemstone with a rating of 9 Mohs Hardness and users can cleanse it without any hassles. The bluish look of the Sapphire gemstone makes it a perfect choice for people looking for clear foresight and to appease God. 

It remains very helpful in adding positive energy and also the confidence to express truth. Users looking for medicinal healing should try this gemstone and can experience some amazing benefits. It also helps in removing the effects of negative energy living beside us. 

6. Carnelian

What Crystals Can Go In Water?

Carnelian is a crystal having a vibrant color range from pink to brownish red. This crystal helps in evoking motivation and fosters creativity. It is also believed that this crystal will enhance the positive flow of energy.

Carnelian is an amazing stone, which helps in stimulating the body’s healing ability. It also helps in stabilizing blood sugar levels, lowering blood pressure, and also strengthening the immune system.

To get the immersive benefits of this gemstone, it needs to be cleaned and charged by submerging it into the water. With the Mohs Hardness Scale of 7, users can cleanse it easily in mineral water. 

In salty water

1. Clear Quartz

What Crystals Can Go In Water?

Clear Quartz is one of the most popular gemstones that can be used for multi-purpose, which is made up of silicon and oxygen atoms. It clears the blockages inside the body and also improves the immune system.

It scored 7 on Mohs Hardness Scale, so it can be easily cleansed in salty water without making any damage. It is quite beautiful to look at and has some constructive healing properties. 

2. Rose Quartz

What Crystals Can Go In Water?

Rose Quartz gemstone is the first choice of people looking to come into a positive and successful relationship and this gemstone can nurture to forgive other people.

It is a pink and beautiful gemstone for people seeking love. It has a clear impact on the heart chakra and will provide you with enthusiastic meditation balancing sessions.  

It also has a rating of 7 on the Mohs Hardness Scale, so it can be cleansed in water easily. Furthermore, it also helps in improving skin quality by reducing inflammation and acne problems. 

3. Amethyst

What Crystals Can Go In Water?

Amethyst is another popular gemstone type that has the properties of building spiritual connection and sobriety. It is a purple crystal with a beautiful look, which can help you to keep your mind relaxed and prevents anxious feelings. 

It will be very helpful to balance all of your chakras and can provide you with a relaxed sleep without any disturbance. This crystal also has a good rating of 7 Mohs Hardness Scale, so you can cleanse them easily but make sure that the water is free from toxic chemicals. 

4. Citrine

What Crystals Can Go In Water?

Citrine is also a popular member of the quartz family, which has a glowing look of vibrant yellowish and gold colors. This gemstone has the quality of sobriety and can be cleansed with salt water without making any damage. 

This gemstone will help in removing the unwanted energies residing beside us. If you ever want to feel cherished then Citrine is for you, which can optimize your behavior in different surroundings. 

5. Agate

What Crystals Can Go In Water?

Agate is another popular gemstone of the quartz family, which helps people to improve their awareness and incite spiritual growth. Those people who want mental clarity and positive energy should wear Agate crystal. 

It is also said that Agate has the qualities of a physical therapist as well. It helps in reducing headaches, poor skin conditions, and inflammation issues. This stone can keep your life fully balanced and there is nothing to worry about in cleaning it because it is insoluble in water. 

6. Black Obsidian

What Crystals Can Go In Water?

Black Obsidian is a dark classy rock, which is mainly formed when molten lava cools. It doesn’t have time to crystalize and can provide a lot of benefits also.

It has a Mohs Hardness level of 5-6, so it can be cleaned in salt water but users need to make sure that the temperature change can damage this crystal, so never keep it in very hot or cold water. 

This stone will be very helpful for people looking to remove negative energies and clears away uncertainties from their life. People who stay unsure about life decisions should wear this crystal. 

7. Rutilated Quartz

What Crystals Can Go In Water?

Rutilated Quartz will be very helpful to bring light and wisdom into your life. It is a beautiful crystal type to wear and enhance its look.

Well, it is a bit softer as compared to other crystals but still, it is water safe because it belongs to the Quartz family. This gemstone also helps in activating all the chakras to enhance awareness.

Apart from all these benefits, users can also get quick recovery from any injury once they wore this gemstone. 

Mohs Hardness Scale And Crystals

What Crystals Can Go In Water?

Mohs Hardness Scale Level decides whether the crystals should go in the water or not. It is mainly measured between 1-10, which decides the hardness level of crystals. 

Any crystal type, which has a rating of 6 or more should go in the water. Below this figure shouldn’t be put in the water or else it may go in the worst condition. Crystals always have a lot of importance and we never want to lose our gem just because of our carelessness. 

The Mohs Hardness Scale Level is mainly measured by ensuring the damage of material when in contact with any other mineral type. The harder to scratch the crystal means the higher the Mohs rating. 

Just, for example, Pearls have a low Mohs rating while diamonds are at the top of the list for hardness level. 

You just need to follow the general level that if Mohs Hardness Scale is more than 6 then you can put them in water if you want to cleanse your crystals. 

What is the best way to infuse your water with crystals?

To infuse your water with crystals, users just need to follow a basic process. Once you have followed this process, you can experience numerous benefits of it. Let us know the best way to infuse water with crystals. 

• First, you should soak your crystals in cold salty water for at least three days instead of placing them directly in the water pitcher.

• Users can also leave it under the moon to soak up the lunar energy in these three days. 

• Once you have soaked your stones, now just keep that crystal in a water pitcher and then leave it overnight so that it can interact properly, and then you can drink that magical mixture. 

That’s it, by just following the above step, users can infuse the water with crystals.

When you drink, you will get a bit different taste with an addition of a sugary taste. Yes, the texture will also be different and your body will start getting benefits from it. 

These gems have a lot of positivity and you enhance the experience of energy in your body. So just decide on a gem after thinking twice. 

Why Some Crystals Shouldn’t Go In Water?

Out of all the crystals available in the market, many crystals can be dissolved in water and will not make any difference. While some crystals shouldn’t go in the water or else, they will break, dissolve, or get completely damaged, which we never want. 

It depends on Mohs Hardness Scale Level, which ensures whether you should put crystal into water or not. Some other components decide whether crystals should go in the water such as material components that can make crystals toxic. 

Well, it is recommended that you should be very cautious and follow all the precautions to take care of all the crystals. Individual crystal has different quality and features, so always have all the information about them. 

You should know that the crystal that goes into normal water might not go into salty water because of different effects. 

Which Crystals Should Not Be Put In The Water?

What Crystals Can Go In Water?

Cleaning crystals with water is the most effective solution to reduce the negative energy from the crystals. But some crystals could break and damage anytime if proportioned in the water. 

Perhaps, some crystals are hard but still, shouldn’t be cleaned with water, if they are kept in the water for a longer duration. Here are some of the crystals that shouldn’t be kept in the water. 

• Selenite

• Jade

• Labradorite

• Azurite

• Fluorite

• Malachite

• Turquoise 

These crystals shouldn’t be kept in the water but still, if you want to clean them then you can infuse them. As it will keep crystals close to the water instead of submerging them. 

Frequently asked questions

Q1- Can you charge crystals by putting them in water?

Ans. Yes, water is a great source of energy that can recharge the energy of the crystals. Keeping crystals in salt water is the most effective way to charge crystals. 

Q2- How do I charge my crystals?

Ans. The best way to charge crystals is to keep them inside the water for some hours. But if your crystals are soft and sensitive then try to keep them in sea salt water and place them in front of bright sunlight. 

Now, the sun will energize the cleansing water and will be very helpful to cleanse your crystals without harming their quality. 

Q3- Which crystals should not be kept together?

Ans. It is recommended not to combine the energy of the sun and moon, that’s why some crystals shouldn’t be kept together. Some of them are Carnelian and Amethyst, clear quartz and green Aventurine, Gomed and Cat’s eye, etc. 

Q4- Which gemstone is very powerful?

Ans. Diamond is the most powerful gemstone, which is for mental clarity and strong relationships. It shouldn’t wire just for its attraction and authentic slowness. 

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