Maximize Your Space: Easy Tips on How To Store Kayak In Garage ?  

Storing Kayak in Garage can be done with the help of wall mounted rack, suspension system, wall mounted sling set, portable stands etc. It is a stressful task, however, if you understand the basic steps, it can be easily done in no time.  The Kayak storing ideas will alleviate the whole mess and you will get the best ideas for storing kayaks in the garage. 

With that being said, let us dive into some details and leep the methods handy to store kayak.

Best Ways To Store A Kayak In The Garage

Here are some of the best ways for storing a Kayak in the Garage –

1. Wall-Mounted Rack

how to store kayak in garage

There is no need to use floor space to store Kayaks. Wall Mounting requires plenty of space for storing purposes but it is one of the best ways to store multiple kayaks in one place. 

While opting for the wall-mounted option, you need to make sure that the arms of the racks are well-padded. It will be very helpful to enhance the integrity of the Kayak over the long term. 

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2. Suspension System

how to store kayak in garage

A Suspension system is also a great option to store Kayaks in the garage. As we know that our garage is already going through a scarcity of space and that’s why we need to be very creative. 

Buying a Suspension system comes with all the essential parts, requires for the proper installation. All you need to make sure is to follow a manual guide for its installation or else you may need to get ready for other consequences. 

3. Upright Storage

how to store kayak in garage

Upright Storage doesn’t cover the width of your garage and that’s why it is also a prominent option. You need to make sure that the garage has a sufficient height to place it. It can be the best way to store a Kayak in a garage. 

It is a DIY solution that you can do easily, you just need some straps and wall mounts where these steps can be anchored easily. 

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4. Wall-Mounted Sling Set

how to store kayak in garage

Rather than going with a permanent rack, Wall Mounted Sling Set could a great choice. Still, it also requires some mounting hardware in the walls of the garage to hold your kayak with straps. 

The sling will hold your kayak against the wall and the best thing is that it consumes very little space. So, you will not have to face obstacles to keep your kayaks in and out. Some sling set also holds two kayaks, which is a significant advantage of it. 

5. Portable Stands

how to store kayak in garage

Portable Stands are the easiest way to store Kayaks in your garage. Well, it consumes more space than other ways of storing but there is no need to hang Kayak in Garage, so there is no risk.

These stands are quite easy to keep anywhere, so you can also change the place of the kayaks without any hassles. So, if you don’t want to drill holes in your garage then Portable Stands are for you to relocate your Kayak storage anytime. 

Kayak Storage Tips

Drain all the water out of your Kayak or else it will require extra effort to store at its original place. 
Always clean your Kayak before storing it because we never want such a mess in our garage.
Try to keep your kayaks in a warm place, you need to keep the temperature of your garage humid for better results.
You should keep your kayaks up and off the ground because keeping them on a hard surface doesn’t start making a dent in them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1- Is it OK to store kayaks in a garage?

Ans. Yes, it is a good option to store Kayaks in Garage but make sure that the garage is at least one foot taller than Kayak. It also offers more protection from different elements outside. 

Q2- Can kayaks be stored in the cold?

Ans. The best option will be to keep Kayaks in a warm place to prevent plastic from brittle. The snowy or cold area may crush your Kayaks and that’s why they should be kept in a warm place. 

Q3- Where should I store my kayak if I live in an apartment?

Ans. If you are living in an apartment then you can hang your kayak with the suspension system. Even, you can make the DIY system for optimum storage space. 

Q4- How to hang kayak in garage ?

Ans. Here is the solution –

  • Putting up Wall Hangers
  • Using a Ceiling Hanger
  • Installing a Pre-Built Hanger

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