How To Get Scuba Diving Certification?

Remember Verne’s 20000 leagues under the sea? Not the one with Dwayne Johnson but the actual book! The marine world has riches that are beyond the comprehension of human experiences.

If Katrina Kaif from Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara is to be believed it is a life-changing experience for all divers who are daring to take the plunge into the unknown.

And that’s why scuba diving is one of the most coveted experiences in the world.

But there are of course some hazards to this, especially if you’re a novice or without a trainer. While some may choose diving as a one-time activity many fall in love with the experience and choose to pursue it for a longer duration. If you belong to the latter category, then certification is a must for you. 

Steps of how to get scuba diving certification

Now, If you are wondering how to get scuba diving certification then take a look at some of the most efficient steps we have enlisted below:

  1. Select a diving organization: Understanding that you must get in touch with an authority body certified for training is the first step to the scuba certification process. Get in touch with authentic training organizations like PADI, SSI, RAID, NAUI, and CMAS.
    PADI – This is the most popular professional course in scuba diving.

    SSI – Accredited by the US authority, this certification will provide you with an independent diving course.

    RAID – This is an open circuit training diving program in which you can also learn online.

    NAUI – This is a worldwide accepted license and you will be able to dive professionally in any part of the world.

    CMAS – This is an entry-level course for recreational diving

  2. Choose a location: Decide a location for yourself i.e where you want to dive in. this is important as the current in the different oceans will impact your skills.

    Also, deep scuba diving and open scuba diving have different water depth requirements. This is also a critical factor in your location choice.

  3. Talk to your instructor: You can talk to your instructor and get an idea about what to expect from the training.

    Clear your doubts and also talk about future possibilities in the diving sector. This will give you much-needed clarity.

  4. Gather learning materials: It’s like an exam and you must prepare for this certification. So gather all your resources and learn all you can learn about scuba diving, its perils, advantages, etc.

  5. Talk to the locals: Ensuring your safety is the foremost thing and you must take care of the various factors before jumping into the water, literally!

What Are The Different Types Of Scuba Diving Certifications

Certifications are of various types depending upon their issuance body. Although the purpose, facilities, and regulations remain the same, the names change and so do the card type. Learning to use your equipment, and taking knowledge on how to navigate waters is important

How To Get Scuba Diving Certification?

These certifications not only allow various advantages but will also give you the freedom to choose your own partner whenever you feel like it. You can dive at your own will too, without any added pressure to find a guide.

types of certifications

Find out the different types of certifications based on your needs and requirements in the list below. 

A. Open Water Diver:

How To Get Scuba Diving Certification

Description: Also known as Junior Open Water Diver.

This aims at providing individual freedom to the diver and also gives them an autonomous certificate. This means that you will be able to choose your partner on your own and dive whenever you want at your will. 

How To Prepare: First, you can search online for diving certification. Most scuba diving training organizations now allow you to book a scuba diving course online.

Now you can equip all your diving idea online before your arrival and only have to concentrate on the enjoyment factor which is an aspect of the course in the ocean.

Requirement: The depth limit is 18m /59ft for adults and 12m /40ft for minors. The age shouldn’t be less than 12 years.

Cost Involved: It will cost you around 25000 INR.

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B. Rescue Diver:

How To Get Scuba Diving Certification

Description: Rescue Driver Certification Course. This course will allow you to gain certification in rescue diving. You will be allowed to rescue and save people.

This is quite a prestigious certification to avail and if you want to contribute positively to society, you must take this up. 

How To Prepare: Mentally boost yourself to excel in all aspects and learn to stay calm in difficult situations.

Panic is the biggest drawback when you’re saving somebody. Practice mindfulness and breathing tactics.

Requirement: The age limit is no lesser than 12 years and no health complications. You must get medical consent and a membership subscription from a certified body.

Cost Involved: The cost is around 600 USD.

C. Divemaster:

How To Get Scuba Diving Certification

Description: Divemaster certification course. 

This is a course that will grant you professional training and later subsequent opportunities. Divemaster allows one to actually dive as a professional and explore their passion through the profession.

With professional-level techniques, it will also open up a world of possibilities for you. 

How To Prepare: Enjoy the process, and understand what is the requirement for a professional diver. Learn to navigate underwater.

Develop patience and grit. Read up on all the materials provided to you and carefully learn about the case studies.

Requirement: To complete this course you must have at least 60 logged dives, must get medical clearance, and get a membership subscription from a certified body. 

Cost Involved: This costs around 25k-30k INR.

D. OWSI Diving Instructor:

How To Get Scuba Diving Certification

Description: The OWSI or Open Water Scuba Instructor 

It is a professional certification that will give you access to various opportunities to dive across the world and simultaneously earn good money. 

How To Prepare: Learn the difference between open water and deep water. Swimming tactics in both deep and shallow water are different. Engage with tourists to understand what they want out of a professional.

Requirement: The requirement for this is a bit different as you need to be 18 years old, have 100 logged dives, and also must possess a PADI Assistant Instructor Certificate. 

Cost Involved: It will cost you around 20K THB.

Some other diving specialty courses are Deep, Enriched Air Diver (Nitrox), Wreck, Navigation, Night, etc.

We have discussed the most popular courses out there and while many are available, choosing the authorized ones is recommended for your safety.

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Which Is The Best Scuba Diving Certification?

It is believed that PADI is the best in the system for providing recreational accreditation. Although statistics change, it is calculated that PADI has authorized between 60% and 75% of recreational divers worldwide.

This practice covers the full spectrum of recreational diving, from open water credential to specialized diving, as well as professional training like Instructor or the standard of professional certification: Course Director. 

Industries like dive organizations, dive inns, and even boats can enlist with PADI to become a member. They will sell them through their website and the dive travel firm which is associated with PADI.

This will give students a much easier pathway than the rest as most of the requirements will be enlisted on the web page only.

In the PADI course, educators are generally self-employed or independent contractors. They have their individual penalty insurance and can work unaided by a dive center or inn. The certification procedure takes place between the educator and the PADI base. 

We are saying that each individual’s requirement is different and we must select the one that suits our needs the most. Go through the different features offered by the various courses and then select the one that matches most of your requirements. But before selecting one, research it well and then choose it yourself.

PADI, NAUI, or SSI? Which one should you choose? Detailed Comparison

How To Get Scuba Diving Certification?

While PADI focuses on offline materials and books and is quite an expensive course, SSI is a cost-effective course that does not allow students underwater without instructors during the training period. Moreover, there is no compulsion to buy any materials offline.

While PADI gives a temporary card first and then a permanent one with SSI you can get a permanent card right after the course. In the case of NAUI, not only is it affordable but also it is a USA-based course that is accredited by World Recreational Scuba Training Council (WRSTC) and ISO.

It also gives the opportunity to you to explore your diving skills at your own will and open water dives as you would want.

Scuba diving certification is one of the most lucrative courses out there as the market is expected to boom in this sector soon.

Did you know that scuba diving is a great anti-stressor and is devoted to releasing you of stress, anxiety, depression, etc? As under the water, the sound frequency is less, thus, the quiet allows your mind to relax.

Additionally, seeing marine life with your own eyes is often hailed as a miraculous experience. If it is still not on your bucket list, then make a new one ASAP and just swim like Nemo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1- Does a scuba diving certification expire?

Ans: It officially never expires. However, if you stop diving for a while, your skills will get rusty. So it is recommended to practice as frequently as possible to be in your best form.

Q2- Do scuba divers make money?

Yes, they do, if they are a professional diver certified by authentic bodies. They make around Rs. 25000 to 40,000 INR in India and slowly the salary increases with experience.

Q3- Can you go scuba diving without a certification?

There is only one path that will allow you to go deep underwater for scuba diving without a certificate and that is with a certified trainer. Only with a certified trainer, you will be allowed to go underwater.

This is a popular recreational activity in coastal places and people often partake in this accompanied by a trainer.

Q4- What does a scuba certification cost?

A scuba certification usually starts at INR 25000 and goes up to INR 45000.

Scuba Training and Pricing At a Glance

Open Water Diver Course (OWC) The price is approx Rs.26,000
Advanced Open Water Diver Course (AOWC) The price is approx Rs. 25,000
OWSI Diving InstructorThe price is approx 25000 THB
Dive MasterThe price is approx 25000-30000 INR

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