How Much Does A Kayak Cost?

If we talk about the starting price then the cheapest price of kayak is around $500 or less.

However, these kayaks will be limited in performance and convenient only for short outings in the water. The most determining factor while purchasing is “How much is a Kayak”.

Well, Touring Kayaks are in huge demand because of their powerful features, they come under the range of $1,00- $2000. Kayaking is one of the best things to do anywhere around the world. In contrast, it also requires a basic skill set before heading off on an adventure. 

How much does a used kayak cost?

how much is a kayak

The price of a used kayak may vary from model to model. But to grab a good deal, you can half the actual price of a kayak.

Age is the biggest factor in deciding the price of a kayak and several other factors are responsible for it. 

The older Kayak may get damaged by abrasion, and UV radiation, and you may find fewer comfortable features, especially seats. It’s fair to say that the price shouldn’t exceed half of its actual retail price.

Still, you need to do your research before making any decision because no one wants to compromise in terms of safety and comfort. 

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Prices by type of kayak

The price of a Kayak depends on the type you are buying and there are different types of Kayaks available with a different price range. The given table above will give you better highlights of it. 

SnoType of  kayakQualitycosting
1.Whitewater Kayak Plastic $1,000
2.Recreational KayakPlastic $1,100
3.Sea KayakRotomolded plastic$1,900
4.Fishing KayakPolyethylene plastic$2,000
5.Single KayakPlastic, Fiberglass$100-$1,200
6.2-person KayakPolyethylene$500-$1,000
7.Inflatable KayakPVC or vinyl coated nylon$500
8.Pedal KayakKevlar, Carbon Fibre$1300-$5,000

Prices by Brand

Different brands of Kayaks are available in the market. Well, every brand uses different material to manufacture. That’s why every brand offers different featured Kayaks. The table given above will give you a better idea. 

SnoBrand namecostingQuality/ material
1.Bonafide Kayak$1,100 Rotomolded Polyethylene 
2. Dagger Kayak$800-$1,500Linear Polyethylene
3.Eddyline Kayak$1,300-$2,100Thermoform plastic
4.Emotion Kayak$500Rotomolded Polyethylene
5.Feelfree Kayak$500-$1,500Thermoform plastic

Prices by store

SnoStore costingQuality/ material

Expert tip – How much should a beginner or experienced spend on a kayak?

Ultimately, the main question is how much should I spend on a kayak. Well, it depends on your padding aspirations and also your budget. So, always make your budget before making any buying decision. 

Well, if you are a beginner then you can opt for a cheap Kayak that Walmart offers. For short outings, it could be the best option for you but once you are experienced, you need to opt for some high-performance kayak for sustainability and comfort. 

If you want to experience those moments with your friends or child then you can also opt for a tandem kayak, which is a perfect fit for two people.  

Another important point that you may need to consider is the weight. We all love to go with a lightweight kayak for ease of comfort. Even, if your Kayak storage is at a distance from water then it will be convenient to go with a light Kayak, which might be expensive also.

So, these are our considerations for purchasing a kayak. Although, it depends on your needs and the budget you are settings to buy. 

Frequently asked questions

Q1- What Influences The Price Of A Kayak? 

Ans. The size and the weight are the important points that influence its price. Longer Kayaks are more expensive than shorter ones even with the same features. 

Q2- What Is The Best Time To Buy A Kayak?

Ans. The best time in May or June to buy is because all the retailers get their fresh stock at that time. You will get a wider choice to select the best kayak. 

Q3Do Kayaks Hold Their Value? 

Ans. No, Kayaks don’t hold their value, they also depreciates their value just like others. Just as the Kayak gets older, it loses its value over time. Well, there are some Kayaks that runs longer and lose value slowly. 

Q4Which type of kayak is best for beginners?

Ans. Inflatable Kayaks can be the best choice for beginners because of having a lot of conveniences. Once you have determined whether, to sit in or sit out, you can choose some other options also. 

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