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can you get a DUI on a kayak

Can You Get A DUI On A Kayak? 

Well Yes, you can get a DUI on your Kayak but in many states, it is considered illegal.  Operating a Kayak with a BAL of 0.08% or more will be considered illegal. Every country has different regulations and versions of BUI.  No one wants to take any risk in their lives and that’s why it … Read more

How To Register A Kayak In Ohio

How To Register A Kayak In Ohio?Step-By-Step Guide

Ohio has many resources for water sports. Ohio is a great place to kayak since it has so many rivers, lakes, and streams, as well as major access to Lake Erie on its northern border. There are laws and regulations to abide by, just like with any endeavour. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources establishes … Read more

How To Store Kayak In Garage

Maximize Your Space: Easy Tips on How To Store Kayak In Garage ?  

Storing Kayak in Garage can be done with the help of wall mounted rack, suspension system, wall mounted sling set, portable stands etc. It is a stressful task, however, if you understand the basic steps, it can be easily done in no time.  The Kayak storing ideas will alleviate the whole mess and you will … Read more

How Much Does A Kayak Cost?

If we talk about the starting price then the cheapest price of kayak is around $500 or less. However, these kayaks will be limited in performance and convenient only for short outings in the water. The most determining factor while purchasing is “How much is a Kayak”. Well, Touring Kayaks are in huge demand because … Read more

do alligators attack kayaks

Do Alligators Attack Kayaks?All To Know

No matter how much we’d like to believe it, alligators attacking kayaks is definitely not something we can rule out as never having happened. Although there is very little chance that a gator may attack a kayaker, there is a higher risk when paddling in areas where alligators are common. It’s critical that you understand … Read more

Kayaking: What Muscles Do Kayaking Work On?

Kayaking provides a full-body workout that hits multiple muscle groups in addition to calorie burning. Those who have joint problems can still be able to participate in the sport because it has a very minimal impact. Abdominal, biceps, triceps, lats, deltoids (shoulder), quadriceps (thighs), hamstrings (backside), quads (front side), glutes (buttocks), and calves are just … Read more

How To Strap Kayak To Roof Rack

Tie-The-Kayak: How To Strap Kayak To Roof Rack 

Balancing things on a car roof is not a biggie, but things sliding off the roof and splashing your day with a sense of frustration definitely is. Strapping a kayak on top of the car is an easy task if you know how to do it properly.  It is therefore important to properly attach and … Read more

What Is A Tandem Kayak?

In Tandem: What Is A Tandem Kayak?

When kayaking originally became a fashionable water activity, kayaks were designed for only one person. This obviously led to a complaint in various areas. First, it didn’t allow for many conversations. If someone wanted to talk about their surroundings or nearby points of interest, they either had to shout to the nearest kayak or just … Read more

What Is A Skeg On A Kayak? 

Skeg 101: What Is A Skeg On A Kayak? 

A skeg is a tool that can help with tracking. You may find that some kayaks come with a skeg already installed. But on ships that don’t, you may or may not add one separately. A skeg is usually located under the hull toward the stern of your ship, in the middle of the keel. … Read more